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4 Reasons Your Job Search in Dubai is Failing

4 Reasons Your Job Search in Dubai is Failing

We talk about the top job destinations in the world and Dubai is the first thing that pops up in our heads. Be it the current diversification happening on various economic fronts or a vast pool of employers going completely berserk over acquiring talent from all across the globe, there’s so much to look forward to. You are all motivated to work with the big shots, but are you completely prepared?

It goes without saying that there still are a multitude of candidates who find it difficult to cope up with the cut-throat competition harboured within Dubai, hence lose out of the race. So what might be the possible reason for so many applicants dropping way!

It’s tad significant to ponder over, considering the fact that the job market throughout the country is to stay high on competition, there are numerous aspects you need to have a look at.

Ample Preparation Missing

As mentioned above, competition is to remain high all across the UAE, reason being the approaching EXPO 2020 and the downfallen oil prices all across the Gulf. Be it any Emirati corporation you apply/interview with, the employer will test you in and out before offering the contract. What’s required is finesse throughout the process, right from the initial stages. Obviously, you’ll have several interviews lined up before taking up a job in Dubai. You need to customise your approach and entire application according to each company and job role. For instance, there might be a corporation that wants you to have international experience and other stressing over field pertinent skills.

What saves your case is to give the employer what he seeks for. Right from the skills you have, to the experience you hold, everything should be clearly demonstrated by your resume and the way you answer during interview. A failure to abide by these would any day take you to the piled up database of rejected applicants in the emirate.

Not Clear on the Job Role

Hiring a candidate from any foreign land means taking full ownership of the individual and relocating him to Dubai, with all expenses covered. Needless to say that the employer would anyway be thinking about whether or not he’s sure about the applicant. However, there still are candidates who in spite of making it to the interview round seem unclear about the job role and the goals they seek to accomplish with the same.

Make sure that’s not the case with you. An employer in Dubai would only sponsor you once he’s convinced regarding your clarity and will to work on the job role, hence helping the company with its business objectives.

An Inconsistent Track Record

Again, once you get recruited, the employer would be your sole sponsor and care taker for accommodation in Dubai. Considering the same, does it deem fit for him to make a hire that has already been quitting a lot of jobs previously? Or would it be right for him to employ a candidate who has quite a negative track record with previous employers?

Well, you know the answer. It’s high time you ponder over the same and keep your track record clean. It sure does affect you future career prospects in Dubai.

Lacking Interpersonal Skills

You check a job vacancy, apply for it and keep waiting for a revert from the recruiter. What you lack in the entire approach is following through and keeping an active chain of communication from your side.

Workforces in Dubai are generally a cohort of talent from various parts of the globe. Having more than 3/4th of its population from foreign destinations, employers in Dubai demand employees with efficient interpersonal and people skills. Make sure you have honed the same and worked on it to help your case.

Tips are endless to list. However, scoring a job in Dubai is all about sticking to the basics and keeping it crisp at every step. It’s just a matter the right approach, opportunities in Dubai come in all shapes and sizes.

With thanks to Anshuman Kukreti, professional writer and keen follower of the global job market.
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