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Australian Open and Melbourne Trip

Australian Open and Melbourne Trip

They say Melbourne is one of the greatest cities in the world and I have been given the chance to experience what the city has to offer. Imagine this, unique laneways, street art, galleries, historic landmarks and the Australian Open. This has been a great holiday treat in the making.

The locals call themselves ‘Melburnians’ and love to say their city can experience four seasons a day. Does it seem exaggerated? The weather is high at 35 degrees during the afternoon and 16 degrees at night time (or vice versa). By the time of writing, it is 18 degrees at 9am. I have loved that ‘cool change’ and have learned to put on sunglasses, jacket, and sunscreen (yes, the skin burns!) whenever I stroll down Melbourne, the most liveable city.

The city boasts a wonderful tram network where every main attraction for tourists can be travelled within distance. I have bought a Myki card that can be used for trains and buses. The list below includes few places I have visited in Melbourne and you might want to put that on yours too.

  • St Kilda Pier and the colony of Penguins

  • The famous Flinders Street Station

  • Melbourne Park

Melbourne Park

Rod Laver Arena Melbourne

St Kilda

St Kilda Pier

Melbourne tram

Altona Melbourne

The Mansion Werribee Park

Werribee Park

On part two of this feature, I will show some incredible shots of The Great Ocean Road. Don’t forget to comment below or write to editor@pinoyindubai.com if you have some questions or would like to share your experience!

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