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PinoyinDubai chats with Lyn of Filipinaexpat.com

PinoyinDubai chats with Lyn of Filipinaexpat.com

PINOY IN DUBAI chats with Lyn, a full-time working mom and lifestyle blogger of filipinaexpat.com.

1. What brought you to Dubai?
Right after I graduated from Adamson University, I worked as an instructor in a very well-known computer college in the Philippines for three years. I really admire all the teachers and professors for their dedication and hard work but teaching didn't resonate with me. I believe teaching is a passion and I don't think it was meant for me. During one term break, my friends asked if I want to work in Dubai. That was in 2005 and although I've heard about the city, I didn't know what to expect. Since I was young then and wasn't really enjoying my teaching job, I just asked for my parents's approval and flew to Dubai within a few weeks. It seems that my adventurous streak paid off, after more ten years from the day I made that maiden voyage to Dubai, I am still here and have no plans of leaving yet. :)

2. Describe a typical day.
Time management is really one skill that I have to master. Being a mom to two kids, blogging and working full-time, I have to ensure that everything is being taken care of. I usually wake up at around 5.30am to have breakfast with my son and hubby and make sure everything my kids' needs for the day are ready. Mornings are usually a blur and before I know it, it's time to start my almost one hour drive from work to office.

As an HR professional, my working hours are usually peppered with interviews, reports, presentations, issues and adhoc jobs that are given to me.

After more than nine hours, it's time to wrapped up and again brave the traffic going back home. I'm lucky to have an aunt who stays with us and takes care of my children and do most household chores. There's always a meal prepared so that's one less task to do. After dinner, I helped my son with his homework, play with my younger daughter, chit-chat a little with my husband then start writing for my blog. I intend to publish at least three posts per week. It might be easy for some but quite a challenge for me. Well, blogging is still new to me but for sure I can incorporate this new hobby to my everyday life without sacrificing too much.

3. What is the best thing about living in Dubai?
The opportunities! Anyone can come to Dubai, start low and end up with great success. We are all here to earn a living and if only we work smart, save and invest, we can all go back home happy and accomplished! Dubai is also a good place to raise family as it's very safe.

4. And the difficulties?
The cost of living. I know many Filipinos find it difficult to bring their families here because of high cost of accommodation and school. There's no subsidised housing or school fees for residents so it's quite a challenge for them to be together even if they want to.

5. What advice would you have give to those looking to move in Dubai?
It might have been easier when I first came in 2005 in terms of job opportunities. I'm not saying it's difficult now but I would advise our fellow kababayans to research first about the country, see if it's worth giving up your current job in the Philippines and make sure you had enough money to sustain you for those months you're here looking for work.

Once you've landed a job, prove to your company that you are their best hire. Soon, your hard work and ability will be rewarded. If you feel that you're not being recognised by your company, look for a better organisation after finishing your contract. In that sense, you will gain experience aside from the fact that your value will grow.

Always remember that you are here in UAE to save and invest as fast as you can. It's fine to spend and get crazy with shopping sales but know your limits. At the end of the day, we don't want to go back home with just a larger suitcase and no money to start a decent life. I'm sharing the lessons I've learned with regards to personal finance and positivity on my other blog, www.youdeserveit.me. This is the serious side of me and I'm making a shameless plug :)

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