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Taiwan Budget Trip Guide - 3 Days Itinerary

Taiwan Budget Trip Guide - 3 Days Itinerary

Planning a trip to Taiwan? Don’t miss out this vibrant metropolis with Japanese colonial lanes, busy shopping outlets, and iconic buildings. From street food markets to popular night markets, Taipei is an amazing city to visit especially for Filipinos who can enjoy visa-free entry to the city. This 3-day itinerary can help you navigate through Taipei even for first-timers. I’ve visited Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall and the nearby structures as well.

Raohe Street Night Market

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One of the oldest night bazaars in Taipei, the Raohe Street Night Market is a must-visit for first-time travellers in Taiwan. The 600 m path along Raohe Street is often filled with tourists and locals. On the east, see the Ciyou Temple serving as the backdrop for this popular night market. Spoil yourself with fun and interesting foods, carnival games, and quirky shops.

Pepper meat bun
Oyster vermicelli
Spare ribs stewed in herbal soup
Stinky tofu

Opening hours: 4pm till late
Nearest MRT: Songshan Station Exit 1

Wufenpu Shopping District

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The famous and largest garment market in Taipei, Wufenpu is only a short walk from Songshan Station. If you are familiar with Bugis Street in Singapore, then enjoy shopping galore at the maze of lanes and alleys full of racks of clothing (especially for women), bags, shoes, accessories, etc. For the male visitors, there are only a couple of trendy stores but still worth the visit. The products are priced starting from TWD 100. Wufenpu even attracts some stars in Taiwan to shop here so if you’re familiar with them, you might catch them on the street! After splashing out, go to the nearby Raohe Street Night Market and try some street foods.

Opening hours: 10 am till late
Nearest MRT: Songshan Station Exit 3
Top tip: Don’t go on Mondays as sellers are usually dealing with wholesale business.

Ximending Night Market

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Known as the tourist grabbers of Taipei, night markets are popular and Ximending Night Market is no exception. The Ximending Night Market hosts a variety of fashion clothing shops, eclectic restaurants, movie theatres and more. In recent years, Ximending has become popular among the young due to the various activities and entertainment it has to offer. If you want limited edition shoes, shop at Shinjuku Plaza. Join the queue at the Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken and Taiwanese Bubble Tea. Enjoy shopping Taiwanese mochi, salted egg biscuits other local specialities.

Opening hours: 9.30am till late
Nearest MRT: Ximen Station Exit 6

Modern Toilet Restaurant

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A unique bathroom-themed cafe, Modern Toilet Restaurant is one of Asia’s hottest dining experience. Situated in the uber-hip Ximending area of Taipei, Modern Toilet serves various dishes including chicken curry and beef curry in a toilet-shaped bowl. The drinks come in a small urinal mug. For the dessert, I had the poo-looking chocolate ice cream served in a squat toilet-shaped container! My order was a 290 NT$ Beef Curry.

Opening hours: 11 am till 10 pm (last order at 9 pm)
Nearest MRT: Ximen Station Exit 6
Top tip: Take loads of photos!

Cherry Blossoms and Wuji Tianjuan Temple

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We often think about Japan or South Korea when we mention Sakura or cherry blossoms. The weather in Taiwan is a bit warmer compared to its neighbouring counterparts resulting into cherry blossoms blooming earlier in February. The best places to see and witness the Sakura Festival in Taiwan include Tamsui, Wuji Tianjuan Temple, Yangminshan National Park and Taichung. I’ve visited Wuji Tianjuan Temple via Tamsui MRT Station and then took a ride from Bus 875 or 876. It is recommended though to visit Yangminshan National Park as it attracts over a million tourists during its annual Sakura festival. Admission is free.

Recommended public transportation to Yangminshan: Taipei Station: Bus 260 Shilin and Jiantan Stations: 260, 303, Red 5, Small 15, Leisure Bus 111, and Flower Festival Bus 127 Beitou Station: Small 9, Small 25, and Leisure Bus 129 Shipai Station: Small 8 and Leisure Bus 128 Jiannan Road station: 681

Taipei 101

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For a few years, this bamboo stick-looking structure was the world’s tallest building with a height of 508 m. Located in Xinyi District, Taipei, the skyscraper is one of the must-visit landmarks during your holiday. Visitors can stroll in Taipei 101 Mall and dine at the Michelin-star Din Tai Fung restaurant. Admission fee is NT$ 600 per adult.

Nearest MRT: Taipei 101, or take the Blue Line to Taipei City Hall Station, beneath HanKyu Department Store. Walk south towards Xinyi Shopping District towards Taipei 101.
Top tip: Arrive early and take the queue before lunch at Din Tai Fung

Hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any questions regarding your Taiwan adventure, feel free to comment below or write to editor@pinoyindubai.com.

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