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Zumminer is a multi-currency crypto-wallet

Updated 7 months ago

Zumminer is a multi-currency crypto-wallet

ZUMMINER is a multi-currency crypto-wallet designed for storing, exchanging, and mining cryptocurrency. The tool has a high level of security and supports the most popular digital currencies.
ZUMMINER combines three main functions:

- multi-currency crypto-wallet;
- Cloud Mining for the most popular coins directly from the wallet;
- the possibility of investment with fixed earnings up to 0.33%.

Benefits that make the use of the service even more convenient:

- exchange and storage of funds in USD;
- all transactions with cryptocurrencies in the wallet are made at the current exchange rate;
- external factors do not affect the performance of the network
- mining takes place on our own farm with the latest equipment (iBeLink™ DM11G X11, iBeLink™DM22G X11, Antminer D3, Antminer L3, Antminer S9, video cards p104);
- team of mining experts;
- 24/7 service support ready to answer any questions.

Open lots of possibilities with the multi-currency ZUMMINER crypto-wallet at ZUMMINER.COM

Website: https://www.zumminer.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zumminer


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