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How to overtake safely in Dubai

How to overtake safely in Dubai

Do you know how to overtake safely in Dubai? A driver may want to overtake if he catches up with the car in front of him. Overtaking is inevitable. Most of the time, there is a presence of slow-moving cars on the road. If you are used to driving on the hard shoulder or the second to the left-most lane, it can be annoying sometimes. There are several reasons like the driver is using a mobile phone or talking to the guy next to him.

When overtaking is not done properly, it can lead to dangerous driving and traffic accident. There are several factors to consider when overtaking safely. Here are some helpful tips on how to overtake safely on the road.

1. Check on your mirror if the road behind is clear on your left. Then use your INDICATOR to warn the car in front of you and behind you. Take note: Most of the time, you should overtake only in your left lane.

2. Keep a reasonable distance between your car and the one in front of you. Driving too close or too far can be dangerous. If you are driving too close, you do not have control if the car suddenly breaks. If you are driving too far, you might miss the chance and then decide to step in for more speed which may lead to an accident.

3. If you are returning to the original lane, please ensure your car has enough distance to the car you have overtaken. How can you check this? Use the mirror and turn your head on the right and check your shoulder.

4. Lastly, it is best to not follow any cars overtaking often as it can be very dangerous.

Hope you have learned something on how to overtake safely in Dubai. Most of the roads are properly built. Overtaking in Dubai needs some planning and urgency. Enjoy the sand and drive safely!

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