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How to cancel a maid visa

How to cancel a maid visa

Here are some steps on maid visa cancellation in Dubai. Whether your maid has decided not to renew her contract or is transferring to another family, these tips will help you process the cancellation.

Required documents:
1. Maid’s original passport
2. Maid’s Emirates ID
3. Sponsor’s passport copy
4. Application form (obtained from Typing Centre)
5. A fee of Dhs 70 (typing charge extra) for cancellation of visa

Steps in maid visa cancellation:
1. Go to a registered Typing Centre and ask for an application form. The form should be signed by the sponsor and then submitted to the Immigration counter along with the maid’s original passport.
2. Attach the original Emirates ID with the application form.

You need to cancel the maid visa within 30 days prior to visa expiry or you get Dhs 15 a day fine to be paid at the Immigration. If the Emirates ID cannot be found, you can go to the Emirates ID Centre and ask for IDN Certificate which is free of charge. The IDN Certificate will then be accepted at the Immigration department.

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