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How to get an OEC exemption appointment online in Dubai

How to get an OEC exemption appointment online in Dubai

The Overseas Employment Certificate or OEC is a requirement under the rules and regulations of the Philippine Overseas Employment Adminstration (POEA) to help ensure that Balik-Manggagawa (BM) or Flipino expats are properly documented and protected. Here are some helpful guidelines on how to get an online application for your OEC in Dubai.

Register online:
1. Visit www.bmonline.ph.
2. For new users, fill out the ‘Sign Up’ box on the webpage.
3. Check your registered e-mail address and click on the confirmation link that will be sent and activate your account.

Once registered, log in with your e-mail address and password.
1. Enter the last issued OEC number.
2. If your OEC number was recognised by the system, confirm your employer details.
3. If it is a new employer, your OEC number will not be recognised by the system. So, set up an appointment.
4. Fill out the following forms.
a. Personal Data
b. Contract Particulars
c. Legal Beneficiaries

5. Upload a profile photo.
6. Select your expected flight schedule (Note: This will be your expected departure date from Philippine airport)
7. Click ‘Yes’ if you are returning to the same employer.
8. If not, set an appointment if you are returning to a different employer. Upon confirmation, click ‘Acquire OEC’.
9. Select the desired payment option that includes Banks over the counter, Banks online, Mobile Payment (GCASH) that suit your needs.
10. Upon payment confirmation, sign up to your BM Online Account and print your OEC.

For household workers, please bring three (3) copies of BM Online appointment form and confirmed round-trip flight ticket.

Payment fee:
OWWA Membership: AED 92
Pag-ibig Membership: AED 10

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