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How to sponsor a Filipino maid or nanny in Dubai

How to sponsor a Filipino maid or nanny in Dubai

We give you some helpful tips on how to sponsor a Filipino housemaid or nanny in Dubai and the UAE. Expatriates are allowed to sponsor a maid provided they meet the following requirements set by the government.

Required documents:
1. Sponsor’s monthly salary minimum of Dhs 6,000 or Dhs 5,000 plus company provided accommodation.
2. Annual fee of Dhs 5,090 to be paid at Immigration plus Typing Charge Fee.
3. Deposit of Dhs 2,030 to be paid at Immigration after approval. This amount will be refunded upon visa cancellation of the maid and proof of exit.
4. File opening fee of Dhs 220 to be paid at Immigration
5. The sponsor or spouse should not be related to the maid
6. The sponsor should be a resident in the UAE living with his family

If the maid is going to the UAE for the first time, here are the documents required when sponsored by an expat:

1. Application Form (can obtain from Typing Centre). There is AED220 to be paid at the Typing Centre
2. Maid’s photograph (1pc) with white background and passport copy
3. Sponsor’s and spouse’s passport copies
4. Sponsor’s employment contract if private sector employee to be attested from the Immigration. There is Dhs 120 to be paid
5. Sponsor’s employment contract if government/semi-government/ free zone employee without attestation
6. Residence tenancy contract copy (2-bedroom flat) to be attested through Ejari online system of Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA)
7. DEWA bill copy under the sponsor or spouse’s name
8. Affidavit from the Philippine Consulate stating the maid is not related to the sponsor or spouse

If the maid is already in the country on visit visa, here are the documents required:

1. Fee of Dhs 1,290 to be paid for visa status change from visit visa to maid visa
2. Fee of Dhs 680 to be paid for visa status change from tourist visa to maid visa. Then, the maid would have to exit to nearby country and enter into new maid visa
3. There is no need for consulate related procedures if the maid visa has been issued
4. No-relation certificate to be submitted to the Immigration Department when applying for entry visa

There are some conditions when applying for a maid visa. The maximum age limit to apply for a maid visa is 58 years old. Also, bachelors are not eligible to sponsor a maid. The minimum rate for Filipino maid is ($400) or Dhs 149. Lastly, do not think about hiring an illegal maid as you may get a fine of Dhs 50,000.

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