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Top 10 reasons to move to Dubai

Top 10 reasons to move to Dubai

Most of us work in Dubai to seek better employment and career advancement. The Emirate is already home to more than 700,000 OFWs and tops the Middle East region. Whether you are visiting family and friends or planning to look for a job in the future, here are the top ten reasons to make the move to Dubai.

1. Safe communities

Safety is one of the reasons why Dubai is such an amazing place to live especially for families. From strolling the major communities at 10 pm to going to shopping centres till late, Dubai is a safe place to roam around. No security staff checks your belongings when entering the shopping mall. Residents are respectful to Dubai Police. At a time, I mistakenly left my car doors unlocked and keys inside while going to a class. To my surprise, the car was still there after four hours. Very few people would dare even steal or run away with it, Dubai Police can track them down in an instant.

As long as you choose who you trust and make friends, you will be just fine!

2. Tax-free salary
Tax-free salary is one of the Emirate's major reasons the best talents live and work in the country! The last few years, the biggest brands have already opened branches in Dubai such as Facebook and YouTube. Home-grown startups are already making a name for themselves including e-hailing service Careem, travel platform tajawal, and courier service Fetchr. If you want to step up your career, Dubai could be a great haven to further your experience!

3. Good weather
Missing a bit of rain back in Manila? There is still to enjoy in the Emirate’s weather for residents and tourists. While we get an all-year sunshine, winter in Dubai is something to look forward to. A wide variety of outdoor entertainment is available for residents such as the theme parks, Creek Park, and popular beaches.

4. Reliable banking
My first experience in bank account opening was in Manila. Until I opened a bank account in Dubai, I can say it is much easier and straightforward. Once you land a job, companies are obliged to transfer the salary via the employee’s bank account. Other perks one can enjoy is the online banking and mobile banking. Paying your bills from your mobile has never been easier. The branches at leading shopping centres are open till late as well.

5. Dubai Government allows Mass
When it comes to respecting cultures, Dubai and the UAE must be proud for easing it up for expats to come together and pray. Dedicated communities such as St. Mary’s Church in Oud Metha and DECC in Jebel Ali are set up for expats. However, you are all encouraged to respect and abide by the UAE law.

6. Affordable petrol
Thinking about buying your own car in Dubai? In my experience, there are advantages of owning a car in Dubai since petrol is really affordable. For a 2.0 Renault sedan, my petrol costs only AED 85 for a full week! That’s less than a weeklong use of public transport (if you travel a lot to your workplace).

7. Dubai - the city of futuristic attractions
Known as the city of superlatives, Dubai boasts a number of world records from building the world’s tallest structure (Burj Khalifa), tallest hotel (JW Marriott Marquis), only 7-star hotel (Burj Al Arab), largest shopping mall (Dubai Mall)… the list goes on!

As the Emirate gets closer to hosting the biggest business convention, Expo 2020, we will see more futuristic projects popup to add attraction to Dubai.

8. World-class service and facilities
Most of the residential units in Dubai include a fitness centre and swimming pool. We don’t get that back home! The washrooms in shopping malls and Dubai Metro are well-equipped with bidets. Complimentary Wi-Fi is almost available in public areas and properties. There is air-conditioning in almost every flat in Dubai. Yes, we are all spoilt!

9. Thrilling events all year round
Ever wonder why Dubai attracts the biggest names in the music and sports industry? From sporting events and sell-out concerts, to boy band reunion tours and world-class shows, the Emirate never fails to amaze its residents and tourists from all over the world. As a big tennis fan, I could remember getting close for a photo with Rafa Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams, and Roger Federer. A few years ago, I was able to watch Bruno Mars, and some of us were able to catch Beyonce, Rihanna, and The Backstreet Boys on their Dubai gig. Every year, there is a big name to look forward to!

10. Multicultural city
The diverse cultures are something I will experience more in Dubai! I could still remember in my first company where five of us from different countries having a nice dinner. The expat life teaches us to get out of our boxes. Let people learn from your culture and vice versa. The Emirate gives us a chance to meet and understand people from different backgrounds in amazing ways!

Here are just a few reasons I like about living as an expat in Dubai (that’s already 11 years and counting!). I always thank God for allowing me to experience a life that is more meaningful and fruitful. I can’t say the same for other expats but I have made life-long friends in this country. Once we move out eventually, we can take with us the good things we have experienced!

Have you got any questions?

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