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Authentic Japanese cuisine at TOMO restaurant

Authentic Japanese cuisine at TOMO restaurant

There are notable Japanese restaurants now in Dubai. Raffles Dubai aims to join the elite group with the opening of TOMO restaurant owned and managed by Chef Takahashi. Known for working at Kisaku for three decades, Chef Takahashi wants to promote the Japanese culture and cuisine in Dubai.

My guest and I tried to check on the newest craze in town. TOMO restaurant resembled a place where cherry blossoms grow during spring time, Tokyo. The décors were stunning and it felt like we were inside a shrine in the Far East. The atmosphere was welcoming with a pleasant music playing. The friendly staff dressed in kimono-like attires assisted us on our table. As I walked around the area, Japanese customers were noticeable. They say that Japanese have a unique love for food and when it comes to authenticity of a Japanese restaurant, they are the only ones to follow. Having said that, I felt that the restaurant has really attracted the Japanese community in Dubai and only mean there’s a good food waiting for us.

The restaurant has a dedicated bar area and an outdoor dining if you prefer enjoying the cool breeze of Dubai winter. As I opened the restaurant menu, I was amazed by the extensive selection of dishes, my guess was it’s more than 100 dishes from sushis, California rolls, Japanese wagyu beef, teriyaki and more. I started with an appetiser, Miso soup with clams. I haven’t had a Miso soup for a long time but this tasted good. The clam meat is tender, soft and fresh. My guest ordered Yu Dofu, the dish includes bean and vegetables in seaweed flavoured soup. That’s sounds interesting! Yes it didn’t just sound good but the dish has satisfied our palates too. The steward has recommended these dishes and we were happy with what we’ve taken as appetiser.

We were really excited for the sushi rolls and the steward has recommended Dragon roll. The dish was a combination of mayonnaise, avocado, sushi rice and cooked prawns. My guest opted for the Spider roll. A great dish made of toasted crab meat, sushi rice, avocado and mayonnaise. I have to say these dishes were made to perfection. The ingredients were mixed well and you can see it has been made carefully. The flavours were bursting together in your mouth. They have prepared six rolls per order so you would be able to savour your sushi moment to the fullest! Great dishes and so add that to your must eat list at TOMO.

For our main course, we asked for Wagyu yakiniku. This dish is made of halal beef grilled medium well on a bed of special brown sauce. The beef has been sliced to thin strips served with lettuce and pickled vegetables known as kimuchi. First word that came into my mouth, Wow! The beef is tender and I can say it’s very rare to get that taste in the beef. The steward said the meat called Wagyu has been freshly imported from the Japanese market and is one of the best out there. The sauce tasted well as the sweetness and saltiness mixed together leaving you with a great after taste. My guest and I were really impressed.

Another main course, Pan seared cuttlefish with diced seaweed and mashed radish. It was our first time to take on the rare cuttlefish dish which belongs to the family of the most common food, squids. Hence, the dish was cooked perfectly, oil was adequate and the seaweed and vegetable combined to create an exciting flavour. This dish left a satisfying after taste in your mouth which is a great experience.

At last, we had our tummies full and to end the great night, we ordered some Japanese green tea and mixed berry mocktail. I have noticed the guests were having a great time and have stayed a bit longer. I would definitely go back whenever I have a chance. It was a great Japanese dining experience and overall the dishes were affordable. Give it a try on a weekend!


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