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First time in Dubai

First time in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates or simply UAE consists of the seven emirates, Abu Dhabi (the capital), Dubai, Sharjah, Ras al Khaimah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain and Fujairah. The country has been founded in 1970s.

I first arrived at the sandpit some eight years ago. My father has been working in a private company and just after seven months of stay, we decided to join him for a trip in Dubai that winter season. I could remember that the first thing I noticed was how good the road and infrastructure in the city. The lights illuminated the city giving motorists suitable vision on the road.

We finally arrived at my father’s residence, a one bedroom flat in the main district of Dubai. The location was suitable for us first-timers as it was across the building pool. Who knew we were going to take a plunge at the pool when we get bored. He continued to do his normal routine – work, eat, and go home.

We had really enjoyed the cool weather and Dubai had so much to offer for everyone. Visitors always had in mind the desert and so we booked for a Dubai Safari trip. Several tour companies to choose from and you would just pick which one you think attracts you. We were picked up first thing in the morning. It was a Land Cruiser 4x4 and made our way down to a deserted place. The first stop was a small grocery in the middle of nowhere and we had seen other tour companies on their way to a desert trip too. It was a great experience to see people from different nationalities.

The safari trip was amazing! The promotion included a few hours entertainment at the majlis (tents) and buffet of great Middle Eastern cuisine. We had taken some perfectly grilled beef, meat and lamb. There was an option for the vegetarian as well which I thought was good. A belly dancer performed to complete the great evening. We had to go back to our residence and the travel time was just past the one hour mark.

The Mall of Emirates, one of the biggest shopping malls in the world, has been very popular among visitors and the residents. At that time, it was the largest in Asia until Dubai Mall took the crown after a few years to become the largest in the world. The special attraction is the Ski Dubai. It’s a man-made indoor ski which includes some penguins show. As of March 2013, the Super Pass costs Dhs 200 per person.

Few days after the Mall of Emirates stroll, we headed down to Deira in Bastakiya Museum. The place is full of historical things which for some would be really enjoyable. It was nice to see how Dubai has gone from a fishing town to a modern cosmopolitan. Next to it is the gold souq (market). Well you don’t have to buy the gold to go in there but you can ask the vendors if it’s okay to take some photos for souvenirs.

Dubai has changed a lot since my first holiday and definitely there is a lot of must-do here. I will keep you posted.


Written for PinoyinDubai.com

January 2006

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