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How to budget and save in Dubai (for bachelors)

How to budget and save in Dubai (for bachelors)

From living in Dubai to getting a tax-free salary, there are several things Filipino expats need to work on and one is budgeting! Every one of us needs to know our monthly expenses in order to survive as an employee. Some might want to start saving and investing to meet their long-term goals. I’ve listed the cost of living in Dubai for a Filipino expat earning between AED 3,000 and AED 8,000.

You may want to draw your budget in an excel sheet to help you monitor the ins and outs of your salary. Note: All figures are in UAE Dirham (AED).

For a Single Professional…

Salary: 8,000.00
Car Loan (5 years, with down payment 10%): 1,065.00
Studio apartment: 2,700.00
Internet: 299.00
Mobile data plan with call and SMS: 200.00
Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA): 400.00
Petrol: 200.00
Food: 1,200.00
Church: 800.00
Savings: 1,136.00

Salary: 3,000.00
Transportation: 400.00
Bed space: 800.00
Internet + DEWA: 150.00
Mobile credit: 100.00
Food: 600.00
Others: 300.00
Savings: 650.00

Salary: 3,000.00-4,000.00
Transportation: 300.00
Bed space: 700.00
Internet + DEWA: 230.00
Mobile credit: 300.00
Food: 500.00
Others: 400.00
Savings: 500.00

Please note that this data has been collected from a couple of Filipino expats we have reached out. I believe that every expat or OFW should start saving as much as they can. Filipinos don’t need to break their banks while living their expat life in Dubai. I remember few of my friends have really saved and turned it into investments in the Philippines. They have started their own business or invest in properties.

Start saving!

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