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Popular flights from Dubai to Manila

Popular flights from Dubai to Manila

Are you looking for cheap flights from Dubai to Manila or vice versa? We have listed the popular flights from Dubai to the Philippines whether it is one way or with return flights. The most common way to book a flight from Dubai to Manila is through a local travel agent. However, you can also book directly from the airline websites and popular cheap flight websites.

The list of flights below have a travel time of less than 9 hours without stopover. The list below tends to be more expensive than those with stopovers. Direct flights are favourable to travelers with loads of baggage and doesn’t want to take the hassle of going in and out of a transfer flight.

1. Philippine Airlines
2. Cebu Pacific Air
3. Emirates Airlines
4. Etihad Airways

Here are other options if you are travelling from Dubai, United Arab Emirates to Manila, Philippines. It may have one stopover depending on the airlines. The list of airlines below have approximately 5 hours or more stopover. If you have less baggage, you can use the time to stroll around the city with no visa restrictions (i.e. Hong Kong, Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries).

1. Cathay Pacific – Hong Kong
2. Singapore Air – Singapore
3. Royal Brunei Air – Brunei
4. Kuwait Airways – Kuwait
5. Gulf Air – Bahrain
6. Qatar Airways – Doha
7. Thai Airways – Bangkok

There are other airlines travelling between Dubai and Manila that’s not on our list. The best thing to do before booking your flight is do some research. Prices for cheap airfare tickets vary throughout the year. Expect high rates of tickets during March and December where Filipinos travel often for Graduation and Christmas celebrations. In my experience, the best time to travel is during the summer months of July and August just before the ‘ber’ months.

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